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Georgia Master Timber Harvester Resources

  • For Loggers

    Master Timber Harvester Intro Workshop Agenda: This is the outline for our course for beginning loggers

    Workshop Resources: This is provided to students in our Introductory Workshop

    Logger Safety Booklet: A 65 page workbook

    THAT's (Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety): Logging employee training resources and logging safety guides from the Forest Resources Association

    TEAM Safe Trucking: Online training module for forest products truck drivers.

  • For Landowners

    Considering a Timber Harvest?
    Selling your timber can be a complex process--many landowners may have only one or only a few opportunities to gain experience from a harvest in a lifetime. There is no single resource or publication that will make you an expert timber seller; however, there are many resources to guide you, including the Georgia Forestry Commission's excellent advice for selling timber found here. Landowners and other interested parties are encouraged to contact an attorney and/or a professional forester to get help developing a logging contract.

    Want to learn more about sustainable forest practices?
    Consider joining the Georgia SFI Implementation Committee's landowner mailing list to receive a landowner information packet, which includes topics such as timber harvest considerations, how to find qualified professionals to help you, and more. To join our list, please email Chase Cook ( with your name, address, and the county your forestland is primarily located in.

    Check out our GA-SFI page for LOTS and LOTS of information for landowners!

  • For CLE Providers

    CLE Credit Application Form

    Class Topics Suitable for Georgia CLE Credit Approval:
    sustainable forestry principles and the SFI program; best management practices; reforestation, invasive exotic plants or animals, forest resource conservation, aesthetics, or special sites; government regulation or other measures to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat; logging safety; employment laws; transportation issues; business management; public policy and outreach; or emerging technologies.

    More CLE Provider Training Topic Ideas

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