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Georgia Master Timber Harvester Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I renew?

    Complete at least 8 hours of approved continuing education every two years and send in your renewal application BEFORE your expiration date -- see our Continuing Education page for details. (The Renewal Application comes with a sheet of instructions)

    SPECIAL NOTE: As the requirements changed February 2019, if you will expire at the end of 2019, the new rules apply to you. (If you expired in 2018 use a Reinstatement Form.)

  • How do I find CLE opportunities?

    Please visit our Continuing Education page for a searchable list of upcoming in-person classes, as well as information about online and other credit options.
    We also periodically send e-blasts of CLE listings--if we don't have a current email for you, you won’t get them. Send current contact info to

  • Can you tell me what continuing education I've taken?

    No, we do not track continuing education. The provider of the course you took should be able to provide you with copies of your certificates of completion if you have misplaced yours. (If you need finding a provider's contact information, we might be able to help IF you know when you went or the name of the organization that hosted the event.)

  • My MTH designation expired. How do I get back in?

    The recommended solution is to make up for any required continuing education hours you would have completed if sticking to the regular renewal cycle and then file a reinstatement application - refer to the reinstatement application for more information.

  • Do I reapply for a new MTH number if I change jobs? Can I give my MTH number to my son or employee?

    Your number stays with YOU, regardless of where you work. (Please DO let us know your new contact information as soon as possible, so we can keep you up-to-date on continuing education opportunities and deadlines as your expiration date approaches. Just email changes to: Each new individual needs to take the Introductory Workshop to enter into the program and get their own number.

  • How do I send in address or contact info changes?

  • How do I know when my designation will expire? What if I don't know my MTH#?

    Please check the Directory for your expiration date--you can search by your last name, company or MTH#. However, expired MTH designations will only show up when searching by MTH#. Please call the office for assistance if you have expired and you don't recall your number: 706.542.7691.

  • I sent in my renewal/reinstatement but I'm not current on the website yet. When can I expect my card?

    In the rush of fall and early winter it may take us up to 3 weeks to for your application to be processed. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your card (it is often much quicker than that, depending on the time of year). The Directory online is updated the minute we process your paperwork--as that is where the mills look that is what really matters.

  • How do I get a new card?

    Just fill out a card order form and send it in. It is found on the forms page.

  • Can I transfer into GA-MTH from another state?

    Yes. See the instructions on the Transfer form.